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HypnoBirthing Group Courses via Zoom & in-person in Amsterdam (in English)

5 week in-person course starting

27 August 2020

5 week online Zoom course starting

2 September 2020

7.30pm - 10.00pm


In a beautiful venue in Amsterdam Zuid (or via Zoom): Hygieastraat 8a, 1076RM, Amsterdam

Contact: 0683777254




During this 5 week course you will:

  • learn how fear has a negative impact on your birth, which causes tension & pain, and learn how to release that fear and have a more comfortable birth

  • learn all about the power of hormones, and how to produce endorphins and encourage oxytocin

  • your birth partner will learn how to help you during birth, so you work together as a team 

  • learn all about hypnosis, enjoy some hypnosis sessions in class, practise at home, and learn self-hypnosis

  • you will learn about how your body is perfectly designed for birth, and how your body and your baby work together during this wonderful birth journey

  • practice and learn many deep relaxation techniques, affirmations, visualisations (to use even after birth!)

  • learn 3 effective and relaxing breathing techniques for different stages of birth

  • understand exactly whats happening during your birth, and what to expect at different stages, what will your body be doing, what will you feel, what to expect the medical staff to be doing

  • have a clearer understanding of interventions, when they might be required, and alternatives

  • how to communicate effectively with the medical staff, so YOU are in control of your baby's birth

  • birth positions, massage, plus much, much more!


Book your space below!

Would you like a positive, calm & comfortable birth experience for you and your baby?  Would you like your birth partner to be really involved, so you work together as a team?

Ever wondered why midwives and obstetricians love and recommend HypnoBirthing?

The name "HypnoBirthing" might make you think of pendulums swinging, adults walking around on the floor clucking like chickens, hippies chanting or magic being made...or you might think that it'll mean you're in a trance during birth, totally out of control?

There's none of this!  really!  Hypnosis is just a wonderful deep relaxation (a bit like meditation, or daydreaming), and hypnosis is only a small part of HypnoBirthing....there's so much more....

HypnoBirthing is a wonderful full childbirth course with a difference.  It is seriously life-changing.  It teaches you many techniques to help you stay calm, relaxed and comfortable so you can achieve a safe and positive instinctive birth.  It teaches you ways to go into deep relaxation, release any fear you have about birth, and really be in control of your birthing experience, feeling positive and calm.  It will help you feel EMPOWERED!

The HypnoBirthing course consists of 5 sessions, spread over 5 weeks.  You have two options: In-person in Amsterdam Zuid, or online via Zoom.  The dates for the next courses are:

In-person starts 27 August 2020:

Session 1 - 27 August

Session 2 - 3 September

Session 3 - 10 September

Session 4 - 17 September

Session 5 - 24 September

Online via Zoom starts 2 September 2020:

Session 1 - 2 September

Session 2 - 9 September

Session 3 - 16 September

Session 4 - 23 September

Session 5 - 30 September

We start every session at 7.30pm and finish around 10pm.  The sessions are relaxed, informal and fun. 

The group course costs €390.  To book, you'll just need to pay a €50 deposit, with the balance due on or before the first session.  Please do check with your insurance company, as some reimburse childbirth classes.

Can't make one or more of these sessions?  Please do contact me, as you can arrange a make-up session so you don't miss one, or just join another course that might suit you better?  Private courses are also possible.

Spaces are limited so advanced booking is required - please register below

(this course is given in English)


Miranda has been teaching HypnoBirthing (the Mongan Method) for 7 years, in the UK, Singapore and The Netherlands, and gave birth to her two children using the HypnoBirthing techniques.  She is passionate about pregnancy and birth and has a deep love of helping mums-to-be use their natural birthing instincts and feel empowered to really enjoy a calm and comfortable birth for their babies.  Miranda is a doula, teaches baby massage classes, and is an experienced massage therapist, specialising in pregnancy and postnatal massage

"We had private sessions with Miranda, which were relaxing bonding sessions with each other and our baby. Miranda’s passion and knowledge gave us the confidence to believe in ourselves that we were capable of giving our unborn baby the calmest of birth experiences." - Nicole (UK)
"I felt really calm during the whole birth and that is really thanks to HypnoBirthing.  We couldn't have done it that way without your classes, that's for sure.  I could never imagine I would have this great birth without epidural and without fear." - Claudia (The Netherlands)

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