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Birth Pool Hire

Water births are not just for Mermaids!

Giving birth in water is a wonderful option.  The warm water soothes you, helps take your weight, relaxes you.  If you're anything like me, water is a source of relaxation.  If I'm not near the ocean, then you can find me relaxing after a hard day working, or a difficult day with the kids, soaking in a warm, relaxing bath. 


So why give birth in water?






There are loads of benefits to spending time in the birth pool during birth.  Here are just a few:

  • The water takes your weight, so you become slightly buoyant, while being supported by the water.  This can help you really relax your body, allowing free movement, and opening up positions that might otherwise be tiring out of the water (squatting for example)

  • The warm water relaxes you which reduces stress

  • It's a natural pain relief!  It helps you release the love and happy hormones, oxytocin and endorphins, so less need for pain medication

  • There's less chance of you tearing or needing an episiotomy

  • The pool becomes your sanctuary, your private, warm, safe space

  • Can shorten the length of labour

  • Can reduce the risk of postpartum blood loss

  • Your partner can jump in too!

  • Babies love it too!  it's a smooth transition for your baby from the warm amniotic fluid, into the warm water

When can I jump in?


It's better to wait until you're in the active stage of birth.  Speak with your midwife to discuss when might be best for you.  It's usually advised not to get into the water for long periods in the early stage of the first stage, as it can sometimes slow down the progress of your surges.

When you start to feel your surges really ramping up and becoming stronger, you might want to step into the warm water to soothe your body and uterus.  You might want to lounge around in there for a couple of hours, and then step out for a break for 20 or 30 minutes.  

How long does it take to set up?

It usually takes around 45 to 60 minutes to set up and fill with water, but it really depends on your water pressure and speed.  I always suggest having a practice run, so you can time how long it takes and for you and your partner to get used to how to set it up, and where you want to position it.

Rent a Calm Waves birthing pool!

My lovely La Bassine Professional birth pool is ready for you to hire!

The cost is €130 for 5 weeks hire (usually from your 37 week to 42 weeks).  It comes with everything you need:

  • Electric air pump to inflate the pool

  • Submersible water pump to remove the water after use

  • Tarp floor covering to place under the pool

  • 2 x hoses (for filling the pool, and for removing the water)

  • Hose tap connectors

  • NEW personal hygienic pool liner to place in the pool

(you'll need to buy your own scoop net and baby bath thermometer.  Also having a jug close by is helpful for your partner and doula to pour warm water over your bump or back and shoulders)

Pick-up and drop-off is at my home in Amstelveen.  If you prefer, we can arrange a courier at an extra cost.

If you would like to hire the pool or have any questions, just let me know.  I'm here to help!

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