Why pay for a course when I can teach myself HypnoBirthing at home?

This is a question I hear a lot. Many pregnant ladies have asked why they should shell out for a course when they can just buy a book and CD and teach themselves at home. Well, it's a good question! Especially since most people are budget-conscious and when you're expecting a baby, it can be an expensive time. Or maybe you just don't have time in your busy, hectic schedule to attend classes? Ok, teaching yourself at home seems easy and simple: buy a book (or loan one from your friend), download some music from the internet, watch some HypnoBirthing births on YouTube and away you go. BUT you're missing out on so much! First of all, courses are taught by professional, certified and insure

HypnoBirthing isn't just for mums! Here's a dads review of the course..

It's not often a dad (or birth partner) decides to write a testimonial or review about HypnoBirthing, but when it happens, it's always so powerful. Yesterday I finished a private course with a lovely couple expecting their first baby, Aaron and Nicole. I really appreciate the time Aaron took to write such a wonderfully engaging review on my Facebook page. I can't wait to hear all about their baby's birth! "This review is before the birth of our Baby Boy. I wanted to give an honest account of our time with Miranda both before, and after the birthing time. So, Hypnobirthing, what's that then? That's pretty much what I thought when I first heard/saw about it. The title is slightly misleading,

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