My positive HypnoBirthing VBAC story - Daisy's birth

When we found out that we were expecting our second child (Daisy), we were so excited! Our first birth, Forest's birth, was a long labour followed by an 'emergency' c-section, using HypnoBirthing techniques to stay relaxed and it was a positive experience. By the time I was pregnant with Daisy, I had been teaching HypnoBirthing for 2 years, and I found myself aching for a natural vaginal birth. I really wanted to experience a vaginal birth using HypnoBirthing. Not only did I want to enjoy a calm birth for myself, Nik (my husband), and our baby, but I also wanted to know exactly how it feels to birth this way. To really feel those downward surges and get to experience the whole thing. Nik

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