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Celine & Laurent's baby Trystan

Born in hospital, Singapore - December 2014

Celine and Laurent was expecting their second son.  Such a beautiful family.  Here Celine talks about how she managed her surges while she went out with her family for the evening, and how her birth experience was very different than her first:


"When I was being wheeled out of the labour room after giving birth to my first baby boy I remember saying to myself “I don’t think I will be able to do this ever again. How will I manage to have a second child?”.  I was drained and my body ached.  I was relying solely on an epidural to relieve me from any pain or discomfort.


This year I fell pregnant with my second child here in Singapore. I had never considered going for a natural birth and I even used to wonder why women would by choice put themselves through so much pain whilst delivering their baby when there are drugs available to relieve the pain.  But as I was searching through the web for antenatal classes I came across HypnoBirthing and I became curious to find out more. Life has a funny way of leading you in the right direction. A week later I met Miranda.


Miranda offered me the most beautiful gift that anyone could have given me and my second baby. The experience of a beautiful, unforgettable birth that brings a smile to my face and makes me so proud every time I think of it.


HypnoBirthing helped me to understand that my husband and I could have control over the birth of our baby and that we did not need to hand it over to the doctors to decide what was best for us.


On the day of Trystan’s birth, I went out for a lovely evening to see the Christmas lights with my loved ones whilst I was having surges. Every time a surge came on, I would stop, close my eyes and do the surge breathing Miranda taught us.  I felt strong, confident and in control. My husband later told me that I looked so peaceful and relaxed.


When I got home I plugged myself into Marie Mongan’s Rainbow Relaxation CD and listened to it until the final birth breath. I ended up going to the hospital 6 hours after the surges had started and I gave birth very shortly after reaching the labour room. The doctor didn’t even get a chance to get there in time to assist me.


I did it, with no assistance, no drugs… I think this is probably one of the proudest moments in my life!  My husband’s eyes were glowing when he saw his son and I had never seen him so proud of me.


HypnoBirthing has offered much more than an unforgettable birth experience: it has taught me how powerful the mind can be as long as you trust your body to do the right thing, listen to yourself, focus and relax.  I now have a beautiful birth story to share with expecting mothers which does not involve any drama or emergency procedure.  And this time, when I was being wheeled out of the labour room with my baby in my arms I was smiling and that little voice inside of me was saying “I could do this again, anytime… “.


Miranda is now part of our life story and we will always have a thought for her when sharing Trystan’s birth experience.  Whatever your birth plan is, whether you are unsure if you feel ready to opt for a natural birth, HypnoBirthing will bring you inside peace, it will reinforce the connections between you and the daddy, answer all your questions regarding baby, your pregnancy, the options available for delivery and most of all it will help build your confidence as you get ready for the big day.


Miranda is truly a special person and has a gift for it."

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