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Claire & Nick's baby Grace

Born in hospital, UK - July 2017

Claire and Nick had a gentle and calm birth for their baby daughter Grace.  When I asked Claire if she had a positive birth experience, she replied:

"Positive is an understatement.  I was fully dilated when I got to the hospital.  My waters broke when I got to the hospital and Grace arrived within 1 hour 20 minutes.  I had no pain relief, not even gas and air.  I didn't need it!  I put this down massively to HypnoBirthing and the wonderful lessons and knowledge you gave us.  I stayed relaxed at home, listened to Rainbow Relaxation on a continuous loop and when we got to the hospital, I breathed my baby down and only pushed when my body naturally had those urges.  The work we had done during the course took away worries and stresses and kept me calm even though it happened earlier than expected (two weeks before her due date).  Thank you!"

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