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Kathryn & Tim's baby Harry

Born in hospital, Singapore - August 2015

It was wonderful to be a part of Kathryn and Tim's journey.  Read how Kathryn experienced a 'wobble' during the final stage of birth, how birth became very intense, and how she managed to use HypnoBirthing techniques to bring her back to a happy place:


"Not knowing much about HypnoBirthing, my husband and I were convinced it was not for us, as I for sure could not imagine having an unmedicated labour and birth after an epidural and a stressful birth for my firstborn. Thankfully we had the good fortune of meeting Miranda and hearing about her beautiful birth experiences and we decided if we could achieve anything even a tiny bit calmer for this baby than our first time round, then it was worth a try!


We had private sessions with Miranda, which were relaxing bonding sessions with each other and our baby. Miranda’s passion and knowledge gave us the confidence to believe in ourselves that we were capable of giving our baby the calmest of birth experiences.


My labour started with surges 2 minutes apart increasing in intensity – how different from my first already! We went to the hospital equipped with all our tools and materials and spent an hour using our breathing and relaxation techniques.


Not having a minute to catch my breath between each surge was exhausting so as they intensified I wavered and requested an epidural. It was incredible how in this moment of weakness I fully experienced the effectiveness of our practiced. Thankfully I was well equipped to stay strong and recover as before I could have an epidural my son decided that he was good and ready to make an appearance! Thanks to HypnoBirthing I was able to reach a very deep state of relaxation and birth my son completely calm and pain-free – yes pain-free!! 


We are so grateful to Miranda for giving us the tools and confidence to achieve something that I never thought possible – a calm, pain-free birth experience with no medication! And we like to think our son’s arrival into this world had an impact as he is the most chilled out little dude on the planet!"

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