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Nicole & Aaron's baby Alexander

Born in hospital, UK - May 2016

I love to hear from Dads about their birth experiences.  Here's Aaron telling us about the birth of his son Alexander, and how proud he felt of Nicole.  Look at the pink photo, that's Nicole sleeping through her surges!  The pink glow is from the mood lighting in the birthing room.

"Welcome to the world Alexander Aaron Lowndes. Born 30th May at 03.38am weighing 6lb 5oz. We used the HypnoBirthing techniques as taught by the wonderful Miranda and can honestly say it was an amazing experience!!


Nicole was totally relaxed, focused, and delivered our wonderful Son in only 3 hours and 10 minutes of labour with no pain relief whatsoever. The midwives (two who were HypnoBirthing trained) couldn't believe it!!!


Thank you Miranda for guiding us on this journey and allowing our wonderful baby boy to arrive into this beautiful world in such an amazing and calm way. Happy Birthday Alex, love Dad xx"

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