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Marianne & Tim's baby Thea

Born in hospital, UK - October 2016

Welcome to the world beautiful Thea!

First time parents, Marianne & Tim, gave birth to their little cherub, Thea, after a 30 hour labour.  Thea was born in water, gently and calmly using HypnoBirthing. What a beautifully inspiring story:

"Hi Miranda, this little girl arrived this morning. Had a wonderful Hypnobirth in water and everything went perfectly. Tim was in the pool with me and was the first person to hold Thea, and passed her to me. Such a special moment that I will remember for the rest of my life. Don't think he would have felt comfortable doing that without your classes.


We were also able to make some informed choices along the way, which was brilliant.  I actually enjoyed breathing baby down (I hummed her down!).  We had so many comments from midwives about how well it went.


A huge massive thank you for everything.  We would not have had such a wonderful birth if it wasn’t for you"

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