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What is HypnoBirthing?

& the benefits of HypnoBirthing

What is HypnoBirthing?


HypnoBirthing is no hocus-pocus:  it’s actually straightforward stuff that everyone should know.  You will find HypnoBirthing to be logical and common sense, and it will change the way you feel about your baby’s upcoming birth.  You’ll ditch the fear, grab hold of the reins, take control, and realise that you already have everything inside you, for a birth that will leave you feeling like a superhero! 


HypnoBirthing isn't just for 'hippies'.  There's no pendulums swinging.  You won't be asked to run around on all fours wagging an imaginary tail.  HypnoBirthing is not just about hypnosis.  It is a full childbirth education program designed to help you achieve a positive and empowering birth, no matter what turn your baby’s birth might take.


You'll learn how to use self-hypnosis to take yourself into a deep relaxation during pregnancy and birth (whilst still being totally in control and alert), effective breathing techniques, visualisation, building a positive mindset, positive thinking, fear release, special massage, and birth partners will learn how they can be involved too.


We look at how your body is perfectly designed to give birth, your hormones and their effect (positive and negative) on labour, and how you can birth your baby in more comfort.

You'll understand the Dutch maternity/birth system, the options available to you, how to choose the right care provider for you, the different places you can give learn all about possible medical interventions, and how to make informed decisions during pregnancy and birth....taking back your power.


And so much more!

I gave birth to my two children using HypnoBirthing and I can honestly say, they were the most amazing moments of my life.  After my daughter's birth, I was so full of energy, I felt so empowered, I wanted to do it all again!  That's because HypnoBirthing helped me feel confident, positive, calm, relaxed and comfortable during my pregnancy and birth.


My husband and I worked together as a team.  HypnoBirthing teaches your birth partner (husband, wife, friend, sister) techniques and ways in which they can be very involved.  They're no longer a spare part in the birth room, feeling awkward and useless.  You are a team, welcoming your baby into the world together.


This kind of birth can be yours!





From the very first class, you'll notice how you feel more positive, more confident, and more relaxed.  It's not just mums who benefit:


Dad/birth partner - you'll feel involved in the pregnancy, prepared and excited about your baby's birth!  During the birth you will feel in control and completely involved, working with mum together, as a team.


Mum - you'll feel EMPOWERED, and really relaxed during pregnancy, feeling prepared, positive and excited about your baby's birth.  During the birth you will know how to stay calm, and will feel in control, even when birth doesn't go as you 'planned'.  It's even possible to experience birth in comfort!  After birth, you will have so much more energy.


Baby - you too little'll be born in a gentle, calm way so you'll be a pretty chilled out baby and may even sleep and feed better (we can wish!)


PLUS there are so many more benefits:


  • Teaches you how your body is designed to give birth

  • Can shorten labour

  • Mum is relaxed and calm during birth, and even sometimes sleeping through contractions!

  • Often a more comfortable birth

  • How to help baby into a more optimal position using Spinning Babies techniques

  • Greatly reduces the need for painkillers, drugs, episiotomy and other interventions

  • Reduces tiredness for the mum during birth

  • Gives dads/birth partner an important role during the pregnancy and birth (instead of feeling nervous, lost and unsure)

  • Provides knowledge of the birth process, helping you feel prepared 

  • Helps you make informed decisions

  • Confidence when communicating with care providers

  • Reduces the need for difficult and tiring pushing

  • Mum and dad/birth partner work as a team, bringing them closer together and building that special bond

  • Mum feels happy, content and comfortable after the birth, which can reduce the “baby blues” and post-natal depression

  • Teaches relaxation techniques that can be used in other aspects of life too (feeling stressed with a toddler, can’t sleep, dentist….)

  • It is about taking control of your birth experience, whether you give birth at home, in hospital, via c-section, or in the back of a taxi.

I teach the Mongan Method of HypnoBirthing (the original method which has been going for over 33 years and is taught all over the world, and in many languages!).  The unique thing about this course is that I have incorporated all of my Mongan Method training, my Love your Birth training, birth doula training, postnatal doula training, Spinning Babies training and all the experience I have gained as a mother, massage therapist, baby massage teacher, and childbirth educator over the years.  All into one little package:  this HypnoBirthing course.

This is a complete birth preparation course made up of 5 sessions of 2.5 hours each, usually over 5 weeks.  This will give you time to practice in between sessions, where the new knowledge and skills learnt in the sessions, become automatic and natural to you.

You'll learn how to deeply relax and take yourself away to a lovely peaceful place, whilst remaining alert and in control.  You'll find out all about the hormones involved and how birth really doesn't need to be painful.  Tools and techniques will empower you to have the safe, calm and comfortable birth you and your baby deserve.

Who is it for?

EVERYONE!  Whether this is your first baby and you're scared, nervous ,worried or just want some tools to help you through the birth.  Or whether this is your fourth baby and your previous births didn't go as planned and have left you feeling nervous or anxious.  HypnoBirthing works for everyone!  It can help during any type of birth...c-section, VBAC, homebirth, hospital, in the back of the car!

The course is designed for mums-to-be to attend with their birth partner (husband, wife, partner, friend, family member).  Your birth partner is the person you would like to be with you during your birth.  If this isn't possible, then you can still do the course on your own and can still have a wonderful HypnoBirthing birth.


Most parents like to start the course after their 20 week scan, but it's never too early or too late.  The programme works best if started between 20 and 30 weeks. If you are further along in your pregnancy (32 weeks or more), then please contact me to see if we can plan a condensed course.

Classes are friendly, fun and relaxed and gives you a chance to just stop what you’re doing in life’s busy schedule, and spend time learning to let go and relax your mind and body, while preparing for your baby’s birth, bonding with your baby.


I offer group and private courses, and hold monthly taster sessions (free information session).  I also offer refresher courses.


Group Course

Informal and fun sessions with other parents-to-be


Private Course

One-to-one private sessions in your own home


Free taster session

A chance to find out what HypnoBirthing is all about

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