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Labour Massage

Pregnant mum receiving a Calm Waves HypnoBirthing labour massage

Your baby's birth is a time when relaxation, calm and comfort is essential.

Labour massage gives you the opportunity to relax and let go during your baby's birth, at whatever stage of labour you're at.

I'm happy to attend your birth at a hospital, birth centre or at home, to give you and your body the attention it requires, to help support you through surges/contractions, or help you rest in between.  I will be a calm presence, there for you, to support you in any way you wish.

I can also show your birth partner how he/she can massage you through labour, giving you the opportunity to bond and relax with their touch.

Benefits of labour massage are:

  • Relieves back ache

  • Supports your body through each stage of labour

  • Relaxes muscles

  • Relieves muscle cramps

  • Helps release feel good hormones (natural pain relief)

  • Baby benefits from the relaxation and hormones released

The treatment can be carried out in any position you choose, enabling you to get into a position that's comfortable for you during each stage of labour.

The massage will be individually tailored to suit your needs.

I use neutral, organic oils so that there's no worry of strong smells (we know how much pregnancy can alter those senses!).


Labour massage - 60 minutes - €60 (includes any part of the body you prefer)

                                 90 minutes - €80

                                120 minutes - €95

(an additional charge for the taxi will be added to the above prices, for travel to your birth place)

Contact me if you would like something different to what is offered above. 


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