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Postnatal Massage

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Your body goes through huge changes after your baby's birth.  It can take a year or more for your body to get back to normal.  With a newborn, it's so easy to forget to look after yourself, or find time to have a little "me" time.

Let me pamper you and help you to relax.

Don't worry if you can't find someone to look after your baby.  You're very welcome to bring your baby along too.  Your baby can snuggle up next to you on the massage table, you can even breastfeed whilst enjoying massage, or your baby can sleep nearby. We can work around your baby's feeding or sleep.

Or would you prefer me to come to your home and massage you on your own bed, with your baby snuggled up next to you?  That's also possible!

Benefits of postnatal massage are:

  • Relieves any aches and pains

  • Helps to de-stress

  • Eases shoulder tension from breastfeeding/carrying baby

  • Relieves muscle cramps

  • Helps release feel good hormones which can lift your mood

  • Helps your tummy to recover

  • Speeds healing and recovery time

  • Improves breastfeeding

  • Improves your sleep

  • Breast massage (optional) helps relieve discomfort

We'll get you nice and comfy using bolsters and cushions.  You'll be in a side-lying position, on your front, on your back, semi-reclined or seated (depends if you have any discomfort in your breasts if you're breastfeeding your baby)


Nurture new mum - 90 minutes - €95

Pamper new mum - 120 minutes - €130

The treatments are totally tailor-made for you.  You can decide which areas you would like me to work on, which areas you feel needs treating and comfort.

Contact me if you would like something different to what is offered above.  

Treatments can take place either in the lovely relaxing treatment room in my home in Amstelveen, or in the comfort of your own home (I will travel to your home and massage you on your bed, with sheets, oils and towels).  There is an additional charge of €30 for travel (more if you live 8km from my home.  Please contact me for a quote)

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