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Stella & Beto's baby Cristina - born November 2019

Stella and Beto birthed their third baby together in Amsterdam in 2019, with me by their side.  Stella chose HypnoBirthing, as she wanted this birth to be different, than her previous two births.  It was amazing to see Stella and Beto working together as a beautiful team. Stella was extraordinary, she was soft and relaxed but also strong and powerful.  She breathed her baby into the world, with Beto holding her close.  Here's Stella's story:

"Birth is powerful! For my third pregnancy I needed a doula. I had decided that long time ago. I found her in Miranda. She was also the one introducing me to HypnoBirthing. I attended Miranda’s classes, and they changed everything for me. They empowered me, they taught me about my birthing rights and options, the various ways of giving birth. A whole new world revealed itself in front of me. I learnt how to birth a child. And this changed my life.

Our daughter Cristina Aaliyah was born November 20, 2019. I breathed her into this world and I felt every bit of my birth while having my eyes closed for four hours. I was relaxed, I was breathing, I did not allow anything external to ruin the state I was in. I was so close to my partner, my rock. Miranda and he were taking care of me, they made sure my needs were met. We were all in tune.


Every time I felt a contraction, I imagined a wave, the waters of my favourite beach on my beloved island Chios. Every wave gave me new strength, imagining myself in the waters giving life to my daughter empowered me. I knew exactly what I was doing, and I was determined to do it my way.

Miranda was there for me, she called me beautiful, she witnessed my power and reminded me what I could do. She taught me that birth is powerful in a different way that I had learnt and experienced before.


I wish that every woman can experience what I experienced. It healed my heart and mind. So be ferocious in taking care of yourself, asking questions and changing the narrative we view birth and give life."


"Miranda is a wonderful person and a great HypnoBirthing teacher. She taught me so many things and empowered me in my birthing experience. She was also my doula and her presence plus the things she had taught me made such a difference and I experienced giving birth as something beautiful and empowering. Last but not least, she is also an amazing massage therapist" 

A & A's baby - born July 2019

This couple took a private course with me during the summer of 2019 in Amsterdam.  They were planning a natural birth so when the mummy got diagnosed with gestational diabetes, and the gynaecologist suggested an induction at 38 weeks, they felt that their dream birth might be no longer an option.  But they did their own research and made an informed decision to wait...and what a beautiful birth they had for their baby daughter!

"I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes at week 35, after I had a growth scan.  I was able to control the GD with diet alone, but was recommended to speak to a gynaecologist . I had a further growth scan there and the estimate was 3.9kg at 38 weeks. They estimated the birth weight could be 4.1-4.5 kg if I went full term, and they reommended I should have an induction to avoid any risks associated with a larger baby.

This was really not what we wanted as we had wanted a natural HypnoBirthing experience, and we were both upset, especially me. Additionally, they said that if I was induced I wouldn’t be able to use a bath in labour and could likely lead to needing syntocin induction which I heard made contractions more intense. 

We spoke to our HypnoBirthing tutor, Miranda, and she sent over some evidence-based birth articles and said read these and then make the decision based on facts. There were no hard facts that bigger babies posed significantly more risk for mothers or themselves. Both the US and UK bodies said 40+6 is the max recommendation for GD babies.  So we decided to let our baby go full term, and then reassess. In the meantime we tried everything to get labour going naturally, but at 40 weeks there was no sign.

We were resigned that we would have induction at 40+6 weeks but wanted to try more natural methods of inducing, so from week 38 to 40 I had spicy food, massages, nipple stimulation, sex, reflexology, but there was no signs.

I had an attempted sweep where my cervix was fully closed, and two sweeps which were 1cm dilated, finally at 40+3 I had a sweep and I was 1.5cm dilated. I took the 0.5cm as a big positive and changed my mindset that this is going to happen today!! I made this recipe that Miranda gave us, that is supposed to bring on labour, aubergine parmesan, and we were really trying to believe in it. It’s a mission to make it!! So we were determined it would work. After we ate, we played chilled music and were chatting, then suddenly at 11.35pm I felt something like I was peeing! I thought oh gosh I’ve peed myself or my waters have gone, and it was my waters!

We were so excited, my husband didn’t believe me at first but it was happening! We lit some candles and I was going to bounce on the ball etc but my surges started coming quite quickly.  My husband said let’s get some rest try and sleep but I couldn’t lie down as I felt it all in my back. He thought I would be having hours between surges but it was immediately intense!

My husband put the pads of the Tens machine on my back, but it didn’t work properly, we didn’t really know what we were doing! And it was just continuously on and annoying me, so I asked him to take the pads off. When he did he didn’t realise it was still on, and the pads stuck to his hands and were giving him an electric shock 😂😖 until he pulled all the cables out. We should definitely have practiced it before!

As I was feeling it all in my lower back I got under the shower and had the water directed onto my back. After a while it wasn’t enough and so I decided to have a bath. In the bath I had candles and my HypnoBirthing affirmations on repeat.  I had my eyes shut and was breathing through the surges, using the surge breathing. All the pressure was in my back, we put a towel in the bath and the weight of that on my back helped, and my huband was pushing on my back when I had a surge. I also trickled water on my arms using a bath scrunchie which helped.

At 2am my husband called the midwife.  He told her that I was being sick and bleeding a bit and it seemed to be happening quickly. My surges were happening frequently and lasting for a minute. The midwife said that the birth was progressing nicely and that everything was normal. My husband had to let her know if the contractions start to become regular and to call her again. I continued in the bath having surges and listening to my affirmations and he called again at 4am as the surges were lasting for a minute with only now 4 minutes between them. The midwife arrived at 5am. I barely registered that she was there.  My husband says she just left me to be in my HypnoBirthing zone till 5:30am when she wanted to check me to see if we could go to hospital. I had to get out of the bath and lie on the bed, that was hard as the pressure was all in my back and it was worse when I was out of the water. I asked her not to tell me how many cms I was as I didn’t want to be disheartened but she said it’s a good time to go to the hospital now. She told my husband that I was 7cm!! 😊 but I didn’t know this at the time.

My husband was rushing round getting our things, I told him to calm down (he says he wasn’t stressed though, he just wanted to have everything ready to help me get to the hospital quickly and smoothly as possible). I wanted to wear my black maternity dress, he couldn’t find it and kept coming in and out with different dresses 😂 we didn’t plan on what to wear to the hospital!!

My husband carried all the things down then I made my way downstairs, I had sunglasses on to help me stay in my zone. The taxi drive was awful it seemed so long and the driver was having a loud phone conversation! I felt every bump and just tried to keep calm and had my HypnoBirthing affirmations playing loud which helped me. Once we got there we got a wheelchair and this lovely angel helped us carry all the things up to the Bevalcentrum (birthing centre).

We didn’t even open our labour bag to get candles or affirmations which I had spent ages printing 😂, I just wanted to get straight in the bath, the light was dim and lovely in the bathroom and for the rest of birth I barely opened my eyes.

At 10am the midwife wanted to check me again, I was able to stay in the bath which was fine. I was 10cm! She told me before that I had been 7 and now I was all the way there and ready to push. I said I wanted to breathe the baby down, using the HypnoBirthing birth breathing, and I did that for about an hour, then my body started pushing naturally, it felt like when you need to be sick but in the reverse direction!

The midwife suggested that I try the birthing stool for a bit, and I was happy to try it because I thought maybe this is an easier position if my baby was finding it difficult to turn.

I sat on the stool with my husband behind me and continued to breath / push the baby down. There was a mirror beneath me so I could see if I wanted to but I preferred to shut my eyes as when I saw part of the head I thought it seemed so small vs how much I thought was out so I blocked it out. This part was 45 mins but seemed a lot longer to me and was the most challenging part. I kept thinking surely that’s the whole head now! I listened to the midwife here as she said when the head is born you need to stop pushing whilst we see if the cord is around the neck, and she told me how to angle my pelvis so she could receive the baby when it was born. She was applying warm wet towels to my perineum which helped soothe, and then with several more surges the head was almost out, the baby’s heart dropped for one surge - we think because of the cord round the neck, so she told me to really hold my breath and push into the next surge. My body was naturally pushing and after that surge the heart beat had gone back to normal. After a few more surges the head was finally out! 🙌As soon as it was out it was such a relief but I was a bit concerned about the shoulders being stuck after the talk with the gynaecologist so I was mentally preparing for them to press a panic button or something. The cord was round the baby’s neck but I didn’t know this at the time, the midwife calmly took it away and in the next surge the baby was here ❤️ there was alot of water, blood and the baby had pooped when coming out.

Our baby was placed onto my chest, the baby was very long and we couldn’t see whether it was a boy or girl, so the midwife picked her up and I moved the cord and my husband said it’s a girl!💕 we were crying and so happy!

After that they helped me into the bed and the placenta was born soon after, naturally, which did need some surges to help it out but no syntocin injection. I just lay cuddling my baby girl whilst I had stitches and then we chilled together, the three of us.

My husband asked me did you not want gas and air, and I said oh I forgot that i could have had it here 😂 but I didn’t need it anyway. He said he didn’t want to ask me during labour as I was doing so well and didn’t want to put focus on pain relief when I was so focused and relaxed. He was also aware it was a good backup option if I did need it. It was only really then that I realised I had done it and given brith without any pain relief! 💪 I was so proud and our baby girl was and still is really calm (mostly!) it was an amazing experience! She was 3.92kgs (8lb 10oz) and has been feeding well and thriving, we’re both absolutely thrilled with her 💕

We stayed in the hospital for 5 hours after I’d given birth.   We ordered a taxi from the hospital.  The driver was really nice and drove us carefully home. Bruno Mars 'just the way you are' was playing!   Then there was the stairs to climb up to our Amsterdam apartment! It was like climbing Mount Everest and I went straight to bed. The first night went smoothly and she slept really well. 

Thanks again for everything Miranda 😊we really couldn’t have done it without you"

Ana & Cristiano's baby Theo - born October 2019

Ana and Cristiano were expecting their first baby and decided to do a HypnoBirthing course with me to help understand the Dutch maternity system, and to help them prepare for a comfortable birth.  They're from Brazil where birth is very medicalised and so natural birth was very new to them.  Read all about their beautiful home birth here:

"Our baby Theo was born last 25th October, at home, in the birthing pool, as we wished!

Deciding to have a home birth was a process for us, during the whole pregnancy I was gaining more confidence to do so and for sure the HypnoBirthing course was a great contribution for that.

When I discovered myself pregnant in a foreign country where most of the births are at home I must confess that I was scared.  I come from a country where birth is almost always medicalised, where I would delivery besides a hospital? 

During Miranda's HypnoBirthing classes I realised that the fear was in my mind and I start thinking “why to focus in the worst case scenario (if this really exists in birth since our body is made for that)?”  Every week, with the techniques and birth experiences that she shared with us I felt more empowered.  Every time that I listened to the positive birth affirmations I repeated thousands of times to myself “I put all the fear aside as I prepare for the birth of my baby” and “I trust my body to know what to do and to follow its lead”.

At a certain point I was 100% sure that I was able to do it, that I want to do it, that I would do it. My mind was convinced that this is the natural way to go, that it would be safe for me and my baby.

I practiced the Rainbow Relaxation hypnosis every night, positive birth affirmations every day, breathing techniques and light touch massage as well!  Since week 37 I did the perineum massage for 5 minutes after my shower, which I am completely sure that was the reason I had no stitches even given birth to a 4kgs baby!

And how was labor and birth? Fast, everybody was impressed how fast it progressed and how focused I was.  My surges started at night, 10 minutes apart, no longer than 30 seconds; that question: is it or not in my head, and yes, it was the beginning of birth. I slept pretty well, every time that I woke up during the night I felt that the surges were still there.

The next morning I went for a walk to the grocery shop, had lunch and the waves got stronger.  5pm my waters broke and here we go, stronger and stronger. My midwife came a little bit later, checked my cervix and I was 3cm dilated, really focused on my breathing through each surge, soft blue light in the room, my favorite yoga playlist playing, sitting on the birthing ball while my husband was doing light touch massage, everything was going nice and comfortable.

When the midwife left, she told us that the next check would be at 10:30 pm and if I felt anything different or the urge to push to call them.   I sat on the toilet (the most comfortable place that I could find), my husband helping me to breath correctly and eliminate tension, I just wanted to push, it was something that I could not control but I was trying to since I didn’t know if I was 100% dilated or not, so we called the midwife again at 8:30pm and she came at 9:15pm.  My body and my baby were ready, 10cm and really strong waves.  I went to the pool, how relaxing, I felt really good in there and things got stronger, I followed my body, the urge to scream and scream and scream.  I screamed my baby down with each surge but it was not painful, it was only a reaction from my body and I followed its lead!  After maybe 5 waves and no more than half an hour in the pool, Theo was on my arms!

The feeling after the birth was of peace, love, relief, joy, all together in a moment that I will never forget – my baby boy born in his room!!! I did it, we did it!!!  After my waters broke it took 5 and a half hours of labor, really quick, the midwifes were amazed how fast it progressed, how calm I was!

I could not have done this without Miranda’s classes, support and the HypnoBirthing techniques.  I am completely sure that this preparation lead me to this wonderful experience!

Patricia & Pedro's baby Gael - born January 2019

Patricia and Pedro did the HypnoBirthing course with me for the birth of their second baby.  Here's Patricia's birth story:

"I would like to tell you about our experience. It was very good Miranda, we had a great delivery and I think it went that good because of your classes 😊


The day before birth I started to feel some little waves so I knew Gael was arriving soon.  I relaxed and went walking and even went to have my hair cut!

That night the surges were appearing more often and around 4am they were more and more intense.  Actually I was not afraid at all.  Pedro was sleeping and for some time I listened to my audios until I woke him up as I was already having very intense surges.  He was supportive and kept a calm ambient and gave me courage and relaxation talkings.  He called the midwife around 8am and she came around 9am.  She gave me an exam and I was already 6cm opened.  I was feeling very intense surges but with the breathing I was controlling them.  I really felt the difference between the ones I was relaxed and without fear and breathing correctly than some others in which I lost a little bit of control and felt the pain.  


In the hospital I went into the shower for almost an hour I guess, until they brought me the gas which I had asked for in one weak moment.  Actually I tried the gas but I didn't like it,  it made me feel dizzy and uncomfortable so I breathed it just for a while and took it off.  I also think it was due to the fact that I was already 9 or 10 cm when they gave it to me so it was at the end.  When I was in the shower I started to feel different surges as I felt my body wanting to push.  So when they helped me get onto the bed, I was on my side and I started breathing down and pushing as my body was feeling to do so.  It felt good.  I knew Gael was coming really soon and after around 4 or 5 surges, Gael was born. At 12:35pm.


Pedro was by my side during the whole birth and he was really encouraging me and whispering me nice things and doing some of the HypnoBirthing techniques.  He also cut the umbilical cord when it had stop pulsing.


I felt really calm during the whole delivery and that is really thanks to HypnoBirthing.  We couldn't have done it that way without your classes, that is for sure.  I could never imagine I would have this great birth without epidural and without fear. With no episiotomy, without one single stitch, even without hemorroids.  Also Gael is a really calm baby.


We are very happy to have done your classes.  I will surely recommend them to my Friends."

Claire & Nick's baby Grace - born July 2017

Claire and Nick had a gentle and calm birth for their baby daughter Grace.  When I asked Claire if she had a positive birth experience, she replied:

"Positive is an understatement.  I was fully dilated when I got to the hospital.  My waters broke when I got to the hospital and Grace arrived within 1 hour 20 minutes.  I had no pain relief, not even gas and air.  I put this down massively to Hypnobirthing and the wonderful lessons and knowledge you gave us.  I stayed relaxed at home, listened to Rainbow Relaxation on a continuous loop and when we got to the hospital, I breathed baby down and only pushed when my body naturally had those urges.  The work we had done during the course took away worries and stresses and kept me calm even though it happened earlier than expected (two weeks before her due date).  Thank you!"

Amy & Joe's baby Joshua - born December 2016

Amy and Joe welcomed their adorable little baby boy into the world around Christmas time. 

Amy was relaxed and calm, even when Joshua needed a little help:


"I wanted to thank you so much for preparing me for Joshua's birth. Although I ended up in theatre with forceps, I feel I had a lovely HypnoBirthing experience. I went into labour naturally, and made it into the midwife led unit into the pool and got to 10cm with no pain relief. It's a shame that I couldn't have had in him the water, but regardless, I don't feel that it took away from my birthing experience. I can't tell you how calm and stress free the whole experience was - all the staff (and I went through a lot of midwives and doctors!) kept commenting on it too. I truly believe that had I not been HypnoBirthing, Joshua would have become stressed much earlier on and it would have led to a more rushed situation/birth at the end."

Marianne & Tim's baby Thea - born October 2016

Welcome to the world beautiful Thea!

First time parents, Marianne & Tim, gave birth to their little cherub, Thea, after a 30 hour labour.  Thea was born in water, gently and calmly using HypnoBirthing. What a beautifully inspiring story:

"Hi Miranda, this little girl arrived this morning. Had a wonderful Hypnobirth in water and everything went perfectly. Tim was in the pool with me and was the first person to hold Thea, and passed her to me. Such a special moment that I will remember for the rest of my life. Don't think he would have felt comfortable doing that without your classes.


We were also able to make some informed choices along the way, which was brilliant.  I actually enjoyed breathing baby down (I hummed her down!).  We had so many comments from midwives about how well it went.


A huge massive thank you for everything.  We would not have had such a wonderful birth if it wasn’t for you"

Nicole & Aaron's baby Alexander - born May 2016

"Welcome to the world Alexander Aaron Lowndes. Born 30th May at 03.38am weighing 6lb 5oz. We used the hypnobirthing technique as taught by the wonderful Miranda and can honestly say it was an amazing experience!! Nicole was totally composed, focused, and delivered my wonderful Son with only 3 hours and 10 minutes of labour and no pain relief whatsoever. The midwives (two who were hypnobirthing trained) couldn't believe it!!! Thank you Miranda for guiding us on this journey and allowing our wonderful baby boy to arrive into this beautiful world in such an amazing and calm way. Happy Birthday Alex, love Dad xx"

Lucy & David's baby Florence - born April 2016

"Our daughter’s birth went really well, and we felt in such control thanks to your help and work with us.  I started to have surges around 11pm, and we headed to the hospital fairly soon after.  I was able to keep really calm and we had Marie Mongan doing the Rainbow Relaxation on a loop for ages.  They completely left us alone to do our thing and we wouldn’t let them examine me until around 8am, when they had a look and I was already 10cm!!  


In the end I gave birth in the pool, which was amazing, and completely naturally with no pain relief.  David was absolutely amazing and helped me immeasurably - it really felt like a joint effort and I couldn’t have done it without him.  


And most importantly we have the most beautiful baby daughter; she is so calm and has such a happy, warm, beautiful spirit.  She has been very alert since the first moments after being born - I’m sure lots of that is to do with how she came into the world.


We can’t thank you enough for everything you did for us - we had exactly the birth we wanted, the techniques we learned made the whole thing feel like we were in control and our choices belonged to us.  After my experience with my first baby, I can’t tell you how much that means to me."

Kathryn & Tim's baby Harry - born August 2015

Laura & Richard's baby Jemima - born February  2015

"Not knowing much about hypnobirthing, my husband and I were convinced it was not for us, as I for sure could not imagine having an unmedicated labour and birth after an epidural and a stressful birth for my firstborn. Thankfully we had the good fortune of meeting Miranda and hearing about her beautiful birth experiences and we decided if we could achieve anything even a tiny bit calmer for this baby than our first time round then it was worth a try!


We had private sessions with Miranda, which were relaxing bonding sessions with each other and our baby. Miranda’s passion and knowledge gave us the confidence to believe in ourselves that we were capable of giving our unborn baby the calmest of birth experiences.


My labour started with surges 2 minutes apart increasing in intensity – how different from my first already! We went to the hospital equipped with all our tools and materials and spent an hour using our breathing and relaxation techniques. Not having a minute to catch my breath between each surge was exhausting so as they intensified I wavered and requested for an epidural. It was incredible how in this moment of weakness I fully experienced the effectiveness of our practiced. Thankfully I was well equipped to stay strong and recover as before I could have an epidural my son decided that he was good and ready to make an appearance! Thanks to hypnobirthing I was able to reach a very deep state of relaxation and birth my son completely calm and painfree – yes painfree!! 


We are so grateful to Miranda for giving us the tools and confidence to achieve something that I never thought possible – a calm, painfree birth experience with no medication! And we like to think our son’s arrival into this world had an impact as he is the most chilled out little dude on the planet!"


"The HypnoBirthing course helped us to learn about and focus on all aspects of ensuring a smooth, easy and natural birth experience.  Miranda was always so positive, responsive and always listened to us.  A very welcoming and well-informed practitioner."

Celine & Laurent's baby Trystan - born December 2014

"When I was being wheeled out of the labour room after giving birth to my first baby boy I remember saying to myself “I don’t think I will be able to do this ever again. How will I manage to have a second child?”.  I was drained and my body ached.  I was relying solely on an epidural to relieve me from any pain or discomfort. This year I fell pregnant with my second child here in Singapore. I had never considered going for a natural birth and I even used to wonder why women would by choice put themselves through so much pain whilst delivering their baby when there are drugs available to relieve the pain.  But as I was searching through the web for antenatal classes I came across HypnoBirthing and I became curious to find out more. Life has a funny way of leading you in the right direction. A week later I met Miranda.


Miranda offered me the most beautiful gift that anyone could have given me and my second baby. The experience of a beautiful, unforgettable birth that brings a smile to my face and makes me so proud every time I think of it.


HypnoBirthing helped me to understand that my husband and I could have control over the birth of our baby and that we did not need to hand it over to the doctors to decide what was best for us.


On the day of Trystan’s birth, I went out for a lovely evening to see the Christmas lights with my loved ones whilst I was having surges. Every time a surge came on, I would stop, close my eyes and do the surge breathing Miranda taught us.  I felt strong, confident and in control. My husband later told me that I looked so peaceful and relaxed.


When I got home I plugged myself into Marie Mongan’s Rainbow Relaxation CD and listened to it until the final birth breath. I ended up going to the hospital 6 hours after the surges had started and I gave birth very shortly after reaching the labour room. The doctor didn’t even get a chance to get there in time to assist me. I did it, with no assistance, no drugs… I think this is probably one of the proudest moments in my life. My husband’s eyes were glowing when he saw his son and I had never seen him so proud of me.


HypnoBirthing has offered much more than an unforgettable birth experience: it has taught me how powerful the mind can be as long as you trust your body to do the right thing, listen to yourself, focus and relax.  I now have a beautiful birth story to share with expecting mothers which does not involve any drama or emergency procedure.  And this time, when I was being wheeled out of the labour room with my baby in my arms I was smiling and that little voice inside of me was saying “I could do this again, anytime… “.


Miranda is now part of our life story and we will always have a thought for her when sharing Trystan’s birth experience.  Whatever your birth plan is, whether you are unsure if you feel ready to opt for a natural birth, HypnoBirthing will bring you inside peace, it will reinforce the connections between you and the daddy, answer all your questions regarding baby, your pregnancy, the options available for delivery and most of all it will help build your confidence as you get ready for the big day. Miranda is truly a special person and has a gift for it."

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