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Welcome to Calm Waves!

Hello, and welcome to Calm Waves HypnoBirthing & Massage!

My name's Miranda and I'm a mummy to two lovely children, Forest and Daisy, and wife to my husband, Nik.

As a mum to two children, my knowledge is grounded in my own personal experience and over 11 years working as a therapist and childbirth educator.

I'm so happy that you've discovered my website.  Please feel free to browse through these pages for information on my Doula services, HypnoBirthing courses, massage treatments and Baby Massage classes.

Coronavirus update:  Due to the current Coronavirus situation and the Government regulations, all of my HypnoBirthing classes are being held online as live virtual sessions, via Zoom.  In-person sessions will be starting in August in Amsterdam.  Zoom sessions will also continue for those that prefer not to leave the house. I'm now taking massage clients.  Baby massage classes are starting in-person on 17th June.


Sending you all love, light and good health during these uncertain times







"We can’t thank you enough for everything you did for us - we had exactly the birth we wanted, the techniques we learned made the whole thing feel like we were in control and our choices belonged to us.  After my experience with my first baby, I can’t tell you how much that means to me.” - Lucy & David, UK

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Expectant Couple


Learn how you can have a gentle, calm and comfortable birth



Massage therapy for pregnancy, birth and beyond

Birth doula support

Doula support

Birth preparation and birth support

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Baby Massage

Developmental baby massage techniques to soothe your baby


Hear from parents what they think...

Hear what Ana and gorgeous little Theo think about HypnoBirthing!  Ana did a HypnoBirthing course with me in September 2019.  You can read her full birth story here:  

"We are so grateful to Miranda for giving us the tools and confidence to achieve something that I never thought possible – a calm, painfree birth experience with no medication! And we like to think our son’s arrival into this world had an impact as he is the most chilled out little dude on the planet!"

— Kat & Tim, Singapore

“The Doula support during our pregnancy was amazing. Miranda was a constant gentle presence for me throughout my birth. She offered new positions to help my comfort levels and provided frequent physical comfort through touch etc. Even during the stages when I wasn’t very aware of what was going on around me, I could tell that I was surrounded by tons of support from my husband and doula.

— Shelley & Richard, Amsterdam


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My Story

Hello, my name is Miranda and I am a mummy to Forest and Daisy (both HypnoBirthing babies).  I am a Doula, certified HypnoBirthing®

Childbirth Educator, massage therapist (since 2009) and Developmental Baby Massage Teacher.


I'm so passionate about pregnancy and birth.  I never thought I would be, until my little boy, Forest was born.  Having my own children opened my eyes to the magical world of pregnancy and birth!  I absolutely love helping to empower women to achieve a calm, comfortable and enjoyable (yes, enjoyable!) birth.  I love to help birth partners feel prepared and confident.  I enjoy helping parents to continue that calm through bonding with their babies using the loving and therapeutic touch of massage.


I gave birth to Forest and Daisy using HypnoBirthing.  I was really scared of birth, petrified even!  I'd heard so many scary stories about birth.  But HypnoBirthing changed that.  I know firsthand how birth feels and how HypnoBirthing really, truly works, to make the birthing process such a beautiful, calm experience for EVERY woman.  I was able to use the HypnoBirthing techniques with my husband, Nik, for both of my (very different) births. 

I truly believe that if a woman has great support by her side, she can have the most positive, empowering birth experience.  This is why I became a doula.  A supportive and encouraging birth partner can be positively birth-changing!  HypnoBirthing courses help birth partners to be wonderful support.  For some, they feel they need an experienced and skilled female support too, and that's where I can step in.  I'm a doula (having trained with BiA Doula Training in Amsterdam), and feel extremely lucky to be able to call this my 'job'.  

I qualified in pregnancy, postnatal, deep tissue and warm bamboo massage in the UK, Singapore and India.  I enjoy working with pregnant women especially.  A woman's body goes through many changes during pregnancy, and birth, and massage supports those changes. 


I'm also a fully qualified Developmental Baby Massage Teacher, having trained with the wonderful Peter Walker in the UK.  Baby massage is a powerful way to communicate and bond with your baby, helping to build your confidence whilst supporting and encouraging your baby's development.  Touch is so important for a baby's development.


I have been lucky to have helped 100's of families whilst living and working in Singapore, the UK, and now here in the Netherlands, and have experience teaching and supporting in hospitals and in more intimate venues and private homes.

I can't wait to be able to help and support you through your wonderful pregnancy, birth and baby journey!

Please feel free to have a look around my website and contact me if you have any questions or just fancy a chat.

Read about my own two HypnoBirthing births 






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