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Calm Waves birth stories


Catherine & Christian's baby Ana

Unplanned unassisted home birth, Sweden - November 2020

"All in all, it was an incredible experience! The worst part was having to go to the hospital after the birth, as I would've preferred to have spent those special hours after birth at home with just our family...."


Stella & Beto's baby Cristina

in hospital, Amsterdam - November 2019

"Every time I felt a contraction, I imagined a wave, the waters of my favourite beach on my beloved island Chios. Every wave gave me new strength....."


A & A's baby

in hospital, Amsterdam - July 2019

"We were so excited, my husband didn’t believe me at first but it was happening! We lit some candles and I was going to bounce on the ball......"


Ana & Cristiano's baby Theo

at home, Amsterdam - October 2019

" husband was doing light touch massage, everything was going nice and comfortable....."


Patricia & Pedro's baby Gael

in hospital, Amsterdam - January 2019

"I started breathing down and pushing as my body was feeling to do so.  It felt good...."


Claire & Nick's baby Grace

in hospital, UK - July 2017

"The work we had done during the course took away worries and stresses and kept me calm"


Amy & Joe's baby Joshua

in hospital, UK - December 2016

"I can't tell you how calm and stress free the whole experience was - all the staff (and I went through a lot of midwives and doctors!) kept commenting on it too......"


Marianne & Tim's baby Thea

in hospital, UK - October 2016

"Tim was in the pool with me and was the first person to hold Thea...."


Nicole & Aaron's baby Alexander

in hospital, UK - May 2016

"The midwives (two who were HypnoBirthing trained) couldn't believe it....."


Lucy & David's baby Florence

in hospital, UK - April 2016

"We had exactly the birth we wanted, the techniques we learned made the whole thing feel like we were in control and our choices belonged to us....."


Kathryn & Tim's baby Harry

in hospital, Singapore - August 2015

"It was incredible how in this moment of weakness I fully experienced the effectiveness of our practice....."


Celine & Laurent's baby Trystan

in hospital, Singapore - December 2014

"....with my baby in my arms I was smiling and that little voice inside of me was saying “I could do this again, anytime“...."

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