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(let's dive into the facts) 

Ok, so you're pregnant and looking to get ready and prepared for the biggest day of your life?

Then you NEED THIS!


What the heck is HypnoBirthing?


Is it the woo-woo, hippy-dippy program you imagine?  No, no, no!  You couldn't be further from the truth!

Ok, check this out:

YOU are about to go from feeling nervous, unprepared and scared about freaking the f*ck out, to feeling POSITIVE, EXCITED and really looking forward to your baby's birth, knowing you have all the tools and techniques to help you stay in control, calm and prepared for anything.  So you can actually have a birth experience you can look back on with a smile on your face.

Imagine how that would feel!

HypnoBirthing isn't about being hypnotised, out of control or in a trance-like state.  It's more like tapping into the relaxation, kicking stress and panic in the butt, and taking back control, for a empowering experience.


Leave behind the traditional birth room chaos, full of anxiety and stress, and swap it for a tranquil safe space filled with positive and empowering vibes.  It'll help you battle those sea monsters (labour pains, and yep, sometimes those midwives and doctors who think they can take your power away) and tap into your inner mermaid calmness, making contractions feel like the ebb and flow of the tide rather than a stormy sea.

And hey, your birth partner? They're your trusty merman or mermaid sidekick, learning the ropes with you and ready to rock the birthing waves together. It's like you both become the dynamic duo of the birthing ocean, armed with skills to make the journey smooth and working as an awesome team!


Ok, ok, that's enough of underwater mermaid shizzle ...  Let's get REAL....


Now, here's what you need to know:  HypnoBirthing is rooted in science and evidence-based information. It's practical, easy to digest and interactive.

So, whether you're planning a home birth, hospital birth, or somewhere in between, HypnoBirthing equips you with the tools to navigate it all.  It's like having a toolkit, a treasure box, for your birth, because your journey is unique, and HypnoBirthing is here to make it as smooth, positive, and empowering as possible. 

Take back the birthing POWER that's yours!  

Benefits of HypnoBirthing

From the very first session, you'll notice some benefits.  And hey, it's not just mums soaking up the good vibes:

Dads and birth partners – you'll be right in the mix, feeling involved and prepared for your baby's grand entrance!  You'll know exactly how to help your birthing partner, welcome your baby earthside as a team. 

Mums, get ready to feel like a superhero – EMPOWERED, relaxed, and positively buzzing about your baby's birth. Birth surprises? No sweat! You'll stay cool, calm, and completely in control, knowing what questions to ask and how to make informed decisions.  

Now, for the littlest adventurer – that's you, baby! Get ready to join the world gently and calmly. Sleep and feed like a champion? We're crossing our fingers and fins!

But wait, there are so many more benefits:

  • You'll understand how your body & baby are perfectly designed

  • It helps shorten labour!  and helps you have a more comfortable birth. Oh yes!

  • Reduces the need for pain-relief drugs and unnecessary medical interventions

  • Gives dads/birth partner an important role (instead of feeling nervous, lost and unsure)

  • You'll know how to make informed decisions confidently, and communicate with midwives and doctors, with ease

  • Reduces stress, anxiety and freak-outs

  • Teaches relaxation techniques that can be used in other areas of life (feeling stressed with a toddler etc)

  • You'll confidently take control of your birth experience, whether you give birth at home, in hospital, via c-section, or in the back of a taxi.

What makes my HypnoBirthing different from the others?  The unique thing about this course is that I have incorporated all of my Mongan Method training, my Love your Birth training, birth and postnatal doula training, Spinning Babies training and all the experience I have gained as a mother, massage therapist, baby massage teacher, and childbirth educator over the years.  All into one little package:  this HypnoBirthing course.

Who is it for?

Women who want to TAKE CONTROL, who know there has to be more to birth than the screaming and trauma we see in movies...   If this is your first baby and you're scared, nervous ,worried or just want some tools to help you through the birth.  Or if this is your fourth baby and your previous births didn't go as planned and have left you feeling nervous or anxious.  HypnoBirthing works for everyone!  It can help during any type of birth...c-section, VBAC, homebirth or hospital birth.

The sessions are friendly, fun and relaxed and give you a chance to just stop what you’re doing in life’s busy schedule, and spend time learning to let go and relax your mind and body, bond with your baby, while preparing for your birth.

Start between 20 and 30 weeks to get the best results. 


Group Course

Informal and fun sessions with other parents-to-be


Private Course

One-to-one private sessions in your own home


Free taster session

A chance to find out what HypnoBirthing is all about

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