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Patricia & Pedro's baby Gael

Born in hospital, Amsterdam - January 2019

Patricia and Pedro did the HypnoBirthing course with me for the birth of their second baby.  Here's Patricia's birth story:

"I would like to tell you about our experience. It was very good Miranda, we had a great delivery and I think it went that good because of your classes 😊


The day before birth I started to feel some little waves so I knew Gael was arriving soon.  I relaxed and went walking and even went to have my hair cut!

That night the surges were appearing more often and around 4am they were more and more intense.  Actually I was not afraid at all.  Pedro was sleeping and for some time I listened to my audios until I woke him up as I was already having very intense surges.  He was supportive and kept a calm ambient and gave me courage and relaxation talkings.  He called the midwife around 8am and she came around 9am.  She gave me an exam and I was already 6cm opened.  I was feeling very intense surges but with the breathing I was controlling them.  I really felt the difference between the ones I was relaxed and without fear and breathing correctly than some others in which I lost a little bit of control and felt the pain.  


In the hospital I went into the shower for almost an hour I guess, until they brought me the gas which I had asked for in one weak moment.  Actually I tried the gas but I didn't like it,  it made me feel dizzy and uncomfortable so I breathed it just for a while and took it off.  I also think it was due to the fact that I was already 9 or 10 cm when they gave it to me so it was at the end.  When I was in the shower I started to feel different surges as I felt my body wanting to push.  So when they helped me get onto the bed, I was on my side and I started breathing down and pushing as my body was feeling to do so.  It felt good.  I knew Gael was coming really soon and after around 4 or 5 surges, Gael was born. At 12:35pm.


Pedro was by my side during the whole birth and he was really encouraging me and whispering me nice things and doing some of the HypnoBirthing techniques.  He also cut the umbilical cord when it had stop pulsing.


I felt really calm during the whole delivery and that is really thanks to HypnoBirthing.  We couldn't have done it that way without your classes, that is for sure.  I could never imagine I would have this great birth without epidural and without fear. With no episiotomy, without one single stitch, even without hemorroids.  Also Gael is a really calm baby.


We are very happy to have done your classes.  I will surely recommend them to my Friends."

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