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My Postnatal Doula Services

The postpartum journey is a hugely transformative time, but a journey that we're not always prepared for.

Parents focus and plan for their baby's birth, they educate themselves with childbirth classes, they prepare their home, buy all the necessary baby items, but planning for the postpartum period is often forgotten.

The postnatal period can be quite a lonely time, it can all feel overwhelming and you don't even have time or energy to take a shower or cook nutritious meals.  When you plan for your transition into motherhood, you really enjoy this time, feeling held, nurtured and supported, you will have a soft and gentle landing.  The way you enter into motherhood, will really have an effect on your whole family unit and home, with the effects lasting a lifetime.  Let that journey be full of love, support and gentle care, so that you can heal, recover and then grow into your motherhood role, nurtured and held.







How I can help you:

My postpartum support is really unique for every new mum.  We take some time during pregnancy, in our prenatal session/s to plan your postpartum.  I'll guide you and support you as you dig deep into what YOUR needs are and what brings you peace and joy and love.  We'll look into your support network, what practical help and emotional support you might need.

Then I'll visit you in your home after birth, to help you navigate the postpartum period, offering you practical support and emotion support.  I'll be your massage hands, your listening ear holding space for you, someone who can hold your baby while you shower or while you sleep.  Every mum, baby and family are different, so my support is very individual and totally tailored for you.  This is why making a plan in the prenatal time, really ensures that I support you in the way that will help you relax into motherhood, so that you and your baby can thrive.

What the prenatal visits might include:

You might choose to have 1 or 2 prenatal sessions, and they might include:

-  Making a plan for your postpartum

-  Digging deep to find out what brings you peace & joy, how can we boost your oxytocin levels to create a warm, love-filled bubble

-  Managing visitors in the early days/weeks

-  Looking at building your village, your tribe

-  Planning nourishing meals, maybe a meal train

-  Helping you to get your home organised for welcoming your newborn

-  Holding space for you to talk about any concerns you might have

What the postpartum visits might include:

You can choose how many visits you would like.  Every journey into motherhood is different, so we make sure the support you receive is tailored to what you and your family need.  It might be some practical support, or more emotional support, or a mix of both.  Some of the ways I can support you are:

-  Holding space for you, listening compassionately and offering you emotional support without judgement or bias

-  Help you to find your own way, instead of offering you advice, I'll support you in making your own decisions

-  Helping you find ways to shut out the noise and reducing that overwhelmed feeling

-  Massage

-  Belly binding

-  Holding and caring for your your baby while you take a shower or while you sleep

-  Helping you with baby care

-  Preparing light meals

-  Helping with some light household chores

-  Grocery shopping/running errands

-  Providing you with warm tea so you can get comfy and cosy in your bed or on the sofa

Postpartum support packages:

Here are some packages that I offer.  Please do reach out if you require something different to what I mention here, I'm happy to make you a tailor-made package to fit your needs:

4 visits - €850

8 visits - €1600

16 visits - €3100

Each visit is 4 hours.  If you live more than 8km away from my home in Amstelveen, then there will be additional travel costs.

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