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What you will learn in the HypnoBirthing course

The unique thing about this course is that I have incorporated all of my Mongan Method training, my Love your Birth training, birth doula training, postnatal doula training, Spinning Babies training and all the experience I have gained as a mother, massage therapist, baby massage teacher, and childbirth educator over the years.  All into one little package:  this HypnoBirthing course.

HypnoBirthing is no hocus-pocus:  it’s actually straightforward stuff that everyone should know.  You will find HypnoBirthing to be logical and common sense, and it will change the way you feel about your baby’s upcoming birth.  You’ll ditch the fear, grab hold of the reins, take control, and realise that you already have everything inside you, for a birth that will leave you feeling like a superhero! 

The 5 sessions are set out as follows:

Unit 1: Building A Positive Expectancy


• Introduction to the HypnoBirthing® philosophy

• The History of Women and Birthing

• How your body is designed to birth - looking at the uterus muscles

• Our expectations of birth - where do they come from

• How to assist, rather than resist, your natural birthing instincts

• The vocabulary for calm and gentle birthing - how words impact us

• Pain during labour and how to reframe and change your mindset

• The autonomic nervous system, fight or flight response - the power of hormones during birth

• What is hypnosis and how can we use it to prepare for birth

• Creating a positive birth mindset

• Visualising gentle births by watching beautiful birthing videos (in every session)


Unit 2: Falling in Love with Your Baby/Preparing Mind & Body


• Hormones for birth - how your environment can help or hinder

• The remarkable mind of your newborn baby - Prenatal bonding techniques

• Rapid and instant self-relaxation techniques and deepening techniques

• 3 x breathing techniques for pregnancy, labour and birth (and beyond!)

• What is instinctive pushing in the 2nd stage of birth

• How visualisations work 

• Positive affirmations for birth

• Selecting the right care provider for you, midwives, doctors & doulas - your options

• Choosing where to give birth - your options

• The benefits of making a birth plan, how to make one & looking at examples

• Light touch massage as a comfort measure


Unit 3: Getting Ready to Welcome your Baby


• Releasing negative emotions, fears and limiting thoughts - fear release hypnosis

• Preparing your body for birthing with nutrition, exercise and toning

• Benefits of perineal Massage

• Visualisations for preparing for birth and during birth

• Relaxation and deepening exercises & hypnosis

• Looking at your estimated due date and what it really means

• Options for induction - what are the possible medical ways to start birth

• Looking at ways to encourage a natural start to birth


 Unit 4: An overview of Birthing – A Labor of Love


• How to use anchors for birthing

• Ultimate deepening hypnosis using anchors

• Birth partner's deepening hypnosis using anchors

• Birth explained simply - looking at the stages of birth & what to expect

• When to call your midwife, what happens in a triage

• Settling in at the hospital or birthing centre (or at home if having a home birth)

• Preparing for home birth 

• How to cope with challenges when moving from home to hospital

• What are comfort measures, let's have a look at all your options

• Building your 'birth nest' - looking at possible 'triggers & glimmers'

• Birth partner's role - a guide for them, tips & ideas on how to support, affirmations for partner

• If birth rests or slows down – what can you do

• Making informed decisions - using your BRAIN - looking at evidence-based resources

• Dealing with unexpected situations - brainstorming


Unit 5: Birth – Breathing Love – Bringing Life


• Moving from stage to stage during birth

• Birth rehearsal imagery hypnosis

• Baby's position - what is breech position, how to encourage a head down position

• Spinning Babies techniques

• Baby's journey through your pelvis, how your baby navigates with twists and turns & how you can help

• Birth positions 

• Giving birth in water - birth pool

• What is a rebozo and how you can use it during pregnancy and birth

• How is baby monitored during birth, know your options

• C-sections & assisted birthing - when is it necessary and what are your options

• Breathing baby down to birth - your baby's journey

• Benefits of skin-to-skin

• Birthing your placenta - your options

• Optimal cord clamping, the benefits of waiting

• What to expect in the first hour after birth

• Family bonding with your baby

• Breastfeeding  tips & baby care

• Forest Fantasy hypnosis

• Postnatal period - how to plan for your postpartum 

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