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HypnoBirthing isn't just for mums! Here's a dads review of the course..

It's not often a dad (or birth partner) decides to write a testimonial or review about HypnoBirthing, but when it happens, it's always so powerful.

Yesterday I finished a private course with a lovely couple expecting their first baby, Aaron and Nicole. I really appreciate the time Aaron took to write such a wonderfully engaging review on my Facebook page. I can't wait to hear all about their baby's birth!

"This review is before the birth of our Baby Boy. I wanted to give an honest account of our time with Miranda both before, and after the birthing time.

So, Hypnobirthing, what's that then? That's pretty much what I thought when I first heard/saw about it. The title is slightly misleading, in that you're not doing this to hypnotise your child, or to hypnotise yourself into thinking you're a horse in the Grand National whilst you're supposed to be giving birth to your child. Nope, none of that. What you do get is the tools, the knowledge, the power to control your body in such a way so you are calm, relaxed, happy, and ready to birth your child in the most natural, and easy way possible.

Miranda, is one of the loveliest, warm hearted and 'easy to get on with' people you'll meet. She has two children that were both born with the many benefits that are to be gained by Hypnobirthing, and you can see just how passionate she is about the subject. It's so engaging, that just by listening to her own experience, you can't wait to get started on your own.

The sessions are fun, engaging, and you learn SO much without even realising it. Miranda takes you through each section at a relaxed pace, so there isn't even a second where you would feel rushed, or not able to digest the information. Asking questions along the way is absolutely encouraged, and means you never feel detached from the course and it's material.

During our 5 sessions, we have learnt not only to relax whilst the session is in progress, but it's amazing how Miranda's voice can transcend through time and find it's way into your head enabling you to practise, practise, and practise. Even just going to sleep at night is now SO easy as we decide that's our time to do our relaxation techniques. We haven't slept this well for ages!

Dads, this paragraph is for you. Let's cut to the chase. If you, like me, were thinking "This is just hippy stuff and just another thing to spend money on", you're wrong. Well, you're not wrong as such, you're just not in a position to be able to judge it, same as I was. The thing with all this pregnancy malarkey, is that you feel like a spare part, or at least I did, and every single other male who I know who has had a child. And that's just not cricket. Going to midwives appointments and all the focus is on Mum and Baby (as of course it should be), but what about Dad? What can we do? Well, THIS is what we can do.

Hypnobirthing isn't all about Mum. Far from it. This is a team effort, a joint effort, a meeting of minds and a support network. All of these things and more. You are JUST as important in this. You have a role to play, a job to do, and with what I've been taught, I know I'm going to take on this new role with all the enthusiasm and determination as I am able. I'm USEFUL. I'm NEEDED. I'm THERE. Dads, I think you can see what I'm saying here, if you're thinking about Hypnobirthing, then stop thinking, and do. I PROMISE you, you won't regret it.

For now, I'm going to leave this review here. Our birthing time is around late May/early June, and we are HUGELY looking forward to it. We are going to use all that we have learnt, and practise everyday up until the wonderful event. And at that point, I'll be back here for THE REVIEW: The Sequel....

So thanks for reading, and I hope our experience so far helps even just a little, in your decision as to whether this is for you."

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